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An employers’ obligations are significant and require managers to clearly demonstrate their attempts to accommodate the employee.Thoughts and beliefs will not discharge the duty, an actual investigation of alternatives and adjustments must be performed.These include: The employee is also required to be reasonable in the accommodation process.He or she must provide the employer with the necessary information.

In the workplace, the right to freedom of religion may for example be limited by the employer’s right to freedom of economic activity (i.e. However, in the same way that the employee’s rights are limited by those of the employer, the reverse is true as well: the employer cannot ride roughshod over the rights of employees.

As the comments in the previous section imply, accommodating to cultural diversity involves more than adding cultural content to the curriculum—more than celebrating Mexican holidays in an American social studies class, for example, and more than discussing the history of slavery of African-Americans.

These are useful actions, but they are only a starting point for truly education (Banks, 2009).

There are often competing and valid interests when the duty to accommodate is engaged.

For example, is it legitimate to require a Sikh employee to wear a hardhat for safety reasons, when such a request may violate his religious beliefs?

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